Minecraft Dev for IntelliJ

Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA for Minecraft mod development*

*work-in-progress, expect bugs and missing features


Getting alpha builds

Minecraft Dev is currently in the alpha stage of development. When we reach some acceptable level of stability, we publish alpha builds to the IntelliJ’s main plugin repository. You can download and install these builds directly from Plugins > Browse repositories screen in your IDE.

As this is a preview release, something might go wrong. Hopefully you won’t find any bugs, but if you do, we would appreciate very much if you filed an issue on our bugtracker or ping us in our chat (ping DemonWav).

Setting up pre-release builds

In addition to preview releases, we also ship pre-release builds of Minecraft Dev in separate channels.

To use them, open the Find Action dialog by pressing the key combo Ctrl-Alt-A (or Cmd-Alt-A on Mac). Type Configure Minecraft Development Plugin Updates and press Enter. This will bring up a window which will allow you to change your channel at any time.

Due to a quirk with how IntelliJ handles plugin updates, you may not be able to automatically move from a pre-release channel back to stable. If this happens, you will need to manually uninstall the plugin and reinstall it after selecting the stable channel.

Pre-release builds are builds targeting a new feature. They may not have all the latest and greatest features of the main Stable channel, but we try our best to keep them in sync. If you find issues with a pre-release build please file a bug report on our issue tracker, or ping us in our chat (ping DemonWav).

Compatible IDEs

The plugin should be compatible with Intellij IDEA Ultimate or Community Edition from 2016.1 or newer. See Help > About menu in the IDE to learn the build version you are using.



What is Minecraft Dev

All Major Java Minecraft Platforms

Experience first class support for all of the major Java Minecraft development platforms, including Bukkit and derivatives such as Spigot and Paper, Sponge, Forge, MCP, Mixins, LiteLoader, BungeeCord,

Dynamic Features

Whether you develop for Forge, Bukkit, or Sponge, Minecraft Dev has project creation, new inspections, code generation, and code modification features for all of them.